High Rise Housing

Becker Plaza Building
Sauber Homes Building
Stokke Tower Building

High Rise Housing 

Leaving the home you have occupied for many years is difficult and the reasons for doing so are varied. Moving to one of the seven high-rises managed by the Housing Authority helps you maintain your comfort, dignity and independence while meeting your other necessary health and social needs.

Located in La Crosse, all seven high-rises managed by the Housing Authority have apartments with an open kitchen and living room, one bedroom, a bathroom and closet space. Apartments are available for viewing.

What are Income Limits?

Applicants for elderly housing must meet the following yearly income limits. To qualify for Solberg Heights, income limits are lower than the others.

High Rise Housing Annual Income Limitations
Person(s) Yearly Income Solberg
1 $55,100 $34,450
2 $63,000 $39,400